FUNDRAISER: Strawbale House at the Treaty Camp

“We do it for the water”

Mi’kmaq water protectors and allies are building a strawbale house at the front gates of the Alton Gas site, and could use some financial support.

The work site is located on the banks of the Shubenacadie river, where Alton wants to dump salt brine equivalent to 3170 tons of hard salt every day. This is part of a project to create caverns out of underground salt deposits, which would then be used to store natural gas.

*** donate here to help the water protectors stay warm this winter!***

Since September 2016, the Mi’kmaq water protectors have been watching Alton from a Truck House that they built along the banks of the Shubenacadie. Since May of this year, a treaty camp was built at the entrance to Alton’s worksite, to prevent Alton Gas from working on the project.

At no point has consent from treaty right holders been given. In fact, the Supreme Court of NS recently ruled in favour of the Sipekne’katik acknowledging that proper consultation did not take place.

Mi’kmaq water protectors have been effectively blocking this project for almost 6 months, and are now building a strawbale house at the front gate to winter at the camp! Please help this project and the sustainability of the camp throughout the winter!


Sand and bags: $300
Straw Bales and Straping: $1000
Lumber for Roof Trusses and Top and Bottom Plates: $1000
Roof Sheathing: $500
Screws and Nails: $150
Cement for Foundation: $100
Miscellaneous Materials: $150
Facia and Drip Edge: $100
Ceiling Boards and Insulation: $400
Other camp weatherizing needs: $600
Fundrazr fees: $350
Gift fulfillment (postage, printing, etc.): $350

TOTAL: $5000 CAD

note: this house is being built with volunteer labour and many donated supplies. If you have music or art to contribute as fundraising gifts, please contact:!

VIDEO CREDITS: Special thanks to for most of the video. Additional footage provided by Sakura Saunders. Interviews with Madonna (kukuwes wowkis) and Dale, video footage of Dorene from the Alton Gas town halls, used with permission from Council of Canadians.


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