All the work to stop Alton Gas and protect our water is done by grassroots activists who volunteer their time, and is made possible by generous donations from supporters like you.

Please consider making a monthly donation to this grassroots effort! There are two ways to donate.

  1. You can donate directly to the legal fund to support the title claim case being pursued by the grassroots grandmothers via GoFundMe.
  2.  You can make a recurring or one-time donation to support the upkeep of the treaty truck house. Click the links below to donate to the Treaty Truckhouse:

$2/month        $5/month         $10/month

$15/month      $20/month       $50/month


or make a one-time donation

All donations will be managed by the grassroots people keeping the Treaty Truckhouse running and those engaged in the title claim legal case. If you have any questions please contact