Directions to the Truckhouse

First time visiting the camp? Read this first. 

Our resistance to Alton Gas centres on the Shubenacadie River at the place where the company plans to dump millions of litres of brine every day. In 2016 our presence was mostly at the truckhouse on the bank of the river, but since the spring of 2017 the camp has moved to Alton Gas’s front gates.

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Follow google maps or use the following directions:

  1.  From Highway 102, head east towards Stewiacke and turn left onto Highway 2.
  2. Pass the ball diamond and turn left onto Fort Ellis Road/ Riverside Road.
  3. You’ll cross over Highway 102 while driving on Riverside Road. The camp at the front gate is on your left – there is a trailer, a few tents, and Stop Alton Gas signs.  
  4. If you want to get to the truckhouse, there is an access road to the left of 659 Riverside Road that will take you to the dyke.